Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday morning

Another cold day in Ontario. Snow is piling up and the temperatures are dropping. Where oh where is spring? I've had enough of winter now.
I'm having trouble loading my pictures on here now. For some reason they are uploading sideways. They are fine in my files. Computers and I don't get along very well. They always seem to know what buttons to push to make me mad. Everything was going just fine until yesterday. I was able to load the book fine and then the next two cards were sideways. ARgh! I will show you the cards I made yesterday as soon as I can figure out what's going wrong.
I have a friend coming over to paint this morning. Maybe I will finish the ornaments I've started. I made a few more cards last night as well. Hope you are all keeping warm. Oh...I need a holiday in the south somewhere.

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  1. You can come south to visit me, but it's only 36 degrees today! That's pretty chilly as far as I'm concerned! Maybe in the spring? I know you would inspire me to paint, scrap and make cards! :-)