Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday morning

I'm so new at this blogging bit. I wonder where I will come with ideas to write about. I belong to several on line yahoo groups which I enjoy. The first one is Brush Bunch. I've been on there for over 10 years and have met a great bunch of people that I can call friends. I'm on several stamping/scrapbooking groups too. They are Canadian Scrapbooking Talk, Ontario Rubber Stampers, and LDS Stampers. I love doing the swaps. I've learned so much from these groups about art and it's fun to share tips and experiences.

On the weekend we put all the Christmas decorations away. What a job! Fresh trees drop needles, well fake trees are no better. We had lots of snow for Christmas. I remember wonderful Christmases in Quebec. My uncle had a lovely stone cottage in the Laurentians and we would spend Christmas there. We would go riding in a horse drawn sleigh Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and come back and sit in front of the large open fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Those were the days when snow was piled high and we enjoyed it. We saw beauty in it. As you get older the thrill is gone. Now I stay indoors and watch the snow falling from my warm home.

I want to add pictures to my blog, but I haven't figured out how yet. I can add pictures but they take up the whole screen. How to make them smaller is a question I have the answer to.

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