Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A new day

I've pulled some things out of my stash to put on my new project. Now where to start? I looked outside this morning to find more snow falling. Enough already. Last night I started 6 ornaments. I'm doing some Kay Quist designs on canvas paper. I might just add some to the next ornament exchange. Basecoating is what I don't like to do. My friend Michelle came over last night to work on some of her cute angel ornaments. She is doing a terrific job. Well, this morning I planned on working on my surprise plus work on the ornaments, but instead I got caught up in a book I'm reading. It is too funny. The author's name is Kate Collins. The main character is a flower shop owner. The author has a great sense of humour and it really shows in her writings. I love myteries especially if they have some humour. I just finished a book by Beverly Lewis. They are not mysteries, but I love the old order Amish stories of people and relationships. Their good times and bad. I think I hear the book calling. Better go.

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  1. Tolegranny, I have to wonder if we're not peaking into each others lives....LOL. We may not be painting the same items, but we're painting. I am also listening to a book on tape by Debbie MacComber, and it too is about a flower shop and a yarn shop. I am also reading a Beverly Lewis book. I have about 4 of her latest books in my book case, I would hate not to have one next in line to read. I love all of her books.
    Hugs, Marcia