Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Middle of the week already!

Well, my friend Loreen dropped in today to paint with me. I love it when someone comes to paint. I seem to get alot more done and enjoy the conversation. I finished my book last night and of course started on another. This book is by I think the name is Karen Young. It's not a romance or mystery, but more fictional relationships between sibblings in a family where the children were separated and put in foster homes. Not far into it yet, but sounds promising. I don't like books with foul language or explicit sex or crime. I like a novel with a good story line.
Still working slowly on my new ornaments by Kay Quist. Worked on the faces today. Hope to have them done by the weekend. I don't speed painting anymore. Taking my time and enjoying it more. So what if I don't finish them this week. Who am I racing against?....hahaha I know I feel overwhelmed sometimes at all the surfaces and projects I want to paint in my lifetime, but when I rush I get panicky. Takes the fun out of life. Life is to be enjoy the journey. I think that is why I make cards. It is something different, takes my mind away from the pressures of the day. I don't need to make cards and send to everyone I know. I do it because I love to. I love to cheer someone up and surprise them with a little handmade card. Heck making cards can be taskfull too. Sometimes it takes me 4-5 hours to create that first card, so I hope those who receive them appreciate the effort I put into them. I send about 30-50 cards a month...with postage going up and up. I really should scale down.
I hope you are enjoying my musings each day. Thanks for dropping by.

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