Wednesday, July 7, 2010

more cards from leftovers

Over the years I've accumulated images from swaps on different groups, or saved bits of paper and other embellishments. When I rubber stamp I usually stamp a whole page but maybe only use 5 or 6 of the images and throw the remainder in my basket. So often I like to take all the leftovers and make cards. Here are somemore I've done this week.


  1. Gee, dear friend, I haven't had time till now to check your blog(s). You've been doing some beautiful cards lately.

  2. Lovely cards but I especially like the top one. Maybe it is the fact it has a door on (I love doors) or maybe it is the colouring - whatever, it is a beautiful card.
    Is the flower on the last one a fabric one? I ask because I was taught how to make something similar when in America in January.

  3. Hi Tolegranny! It's me, Francine from the group. I just had to come over here and look at your cards. They are pretty neato to look at. Well, I am going to go post at your other blogs. Keep up the great Art work! Hugs, Francine