Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saturday was a sad day

Sometime ago I posted the book I made for my friend Marj. She was diagnosed with cancer in February. The book spelled friend and she was all that to me. She was my best friend and it's hard to get friends like that. We did so much together. She was an artist too. Her love was watercolour. The walls in her home reflected her love of art. She was a fabulous Miniaturist. I can't tell you how many doll houses she had, but there were lots of them. Her basement showcased them. She made all the furniture and everything that goes into a real house, but in miniature. I will miss our days together. Days we went off touring the countryside to visit antiques shops, old book stores, craft and gift shops and always had lunch at some ethnic restaurant. Well, Saturday Marj left this earth for her higher home. I'm sure she is building houses and painting and doing all the things she loved to do. We will always be friends and we will meet again. I'm sure she will continue to inspire me and encourage me to do my best in my artwork. I love you Marj. "Til we meet again"

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